The ALEXANDRA SATO is a fashion label that brings elegant, sophisticated and versatile ready - made pieces to every modern- classic woman's wardrobe. Each piece is locally designed and handcrafted with great attention to detail using premium quality fabrics - making it truly unique and perfect for any occasion. 

Each piece has a touch of ALEXANDRA SATO's creativity that hopes to make every woman wearing it feel empowered, young and beautiful at all times. 


Every piece is locally hand made and we make sure to work hand and hand with our local seamstresses and tailors. We carefully source our fabrics and raw materials so we would be able to create pieces that our clients will give value to for a long time.


We want to have an impact on women to welcome and encourage them to stand out their own elegance, individuality, flaws and skill, and motivate other women to do the same.


"She is someone who exhibits beauty on the outside, and from within. Everything about her; who she is and what she does, makes her extraordinary. She is someone who, regardless what people say, hold her values and convictions. Wherever she may be, She will always be in her effortless, classic, sophisticated and versatile vibe, inspiring every woman she encounters. "



born 1999, is a woman of curiosity and creativity. Initially, she created ALEXANDRA SATO, the label, out of her passion, but soon realizes that it is more than just a fashion label.

Alexandra seeks the opportunity to empower and influence women to stand out on their own way through her label. She makes sure to set her own trend and provide women with pieces that she considers to be beautiful and that bring value for a long period of time.